How can I find more information about applying for a scholarship?2021-03-30T18:27:41-04:00

To learn more or apply for a scholarship for the 2021 virtual conference, visit the Scholarship webpage.

How do I learn more about the Book Cart Drill Team competition?2021-03-30T18:28:11-04:00

To learn more, visit the BCDT webpage.

I’d like to join MLA or change my membership type. How do I go about doing that?2021-04-01T07:00:05-04:00

Please contact the Association Manager for assistance.

Will certificates of attendance be distributed?2021-03-31T21:00:40-04:00


When I attempt to register, the registration type appears grayed-out.2021-03-09T07:13:03-05:00

You must first log-in for the system to recognize you as that particular registration type.

I’ve logged in but when I attempt to register, the registration type is still grayed-out.2021-03-30T18:14:53-04:00

Please contact the Conference Director to assist.

I am a speaker, board member or a conference committee member and the system is asking for a special code.2021-03-30T18:22:12-04:00

Please contact the Conference Director or, if you’re a speaker, connect with your program shepherd to provide you with the special registration code.

We’re part of a Platinum or Gold Institutional Membership, how many comp registrations do we get?2021-04-16T13:08:52-04:00

A Platinum membership grants three (3) passes to the virtual conference; Gold membership grants two (2) passes to the virtual conference. Additional member attendees from the same institution beyond the comp registrations outlined above would then register at the regular member rate. Contact the Conference Director to register your institutional registration.

I am a student, retired or unemployed – do I get a special rate to attend conference?2021-03-09T07:38:14-05:00

There is a special rate for student, retired and unemployed attendees but you must be member of MLA to obtain the discount. Please log-into the system first and then register. Your MLA membership type must be also be reflected as such to be able to take advantage of this discounted rate.

How do I go about arranging for a group registration?2021-04-06T14:20:22-04:00

If you have more than 10 people from the same library attempting to register, please download and complete the group registration form and send to the Conference Director to assist. We can prepare a single invoice for you. We are unable to offer group discounted rates at this time.

My town is paying for my registration fee. How do I get an invoice to submit to the town?2021-03-09T07:15:22-05:00

Please register and the system will prompt you for payment method. Select invoice and one will be sent to the email address you used to register.

I’d really like to attend but having a hard time justifying it with my library director – any suggestions?2021-03-25T19:15:36-04:00

Yes! Here’s a template we’ve created just for you.

I’ve registered already but what if my plans change?2021-03-30T18:18:26-04:00

Registration for the conference is non-refundable. Please note the sessions will be recorded and available on-demand and accessible to registered participants for a period of time after the conference concludes.

I have another question that’s not answered here, where do I go for help?2021-03-30T18:19:23-04:00

Contact the Conference Director for all other questions!

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