Julius C. Jefferson, Jr.

President, American Library Association
Julius C. Jefferson Jr. is an American librarian and is a section head of the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress. He is the current President of the American Library Association.
Jefferson received a B.A. in history from Howard University and an MLS from the University of Maryland. He has served on the Executive Board (2007–2009) and is a member of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association. He served as president of the Freedom to Read Foundation and president of the District of Columbia Library Association.
Jefferson has held many positions in the American Library Association. He has served on its Executive Board and Council. As chair of the Intellectual Freedom Committee of the American Library Association Jefferson initiated Intellectual Freedom Summer School. In 2019 he was honored with the ALA Equality Award (with Lorelle R. Swader) for his commitment to diversity and inclusion with a focus on the rights of underrepresented library workers.
He is co-editor of the 2012 volume, The 21st-Century Black Librarian in America: Issues and Challenges, and has worked to get more Black men into the library profession.
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