Stephanie Chase

Executive Director, Libraries of Eastern Oregon and Founding Principal, Constructive Disruption
Stephanie is an accomplished innovator and change leader, with significant experience leading organizational design and effectiveness and community engagement initiatives. With more than twenty years of experience in local and municipal government, Stephanie has served communities ranging from the small and rural in New England, resort communities, and some of our largest urban centers on both the east and west coasts. Stephanie has strong feelings about:
-Sports — especially tennis, my Portland Trail Blazers (basketball) and Portland Timbers (soccer).
-There needs to be a mix of fun and humor in all meetings and workplace functions. And excellent snacks.
-Why don’t more people like the popcorn jellybelly?
-People need to collaborate more and get out of their own way!
No More Silos: Keys to Implementing Self-Management to Fully Empower Staff