Matt Amory

Librarian for Information and Technology, Canton Public Library and IF/SRC Committee Member
Matt Amory is the Technology Department Head at the Canton Public Library and has been an Intellectual Freedom Champion for the MLA Intellectual Freedom and Social Responsibilities Committee since 2019. Matt will be discussing the timeline of events in the town of Ludlow, MA and the Baird Middle School Library in 2019 and 2020 which eventually resulted in the filing of a Request for Reconsideration of the book "Sex is a Funny Word" in the Middle School Library. Though the book was unanimously recommended for retention in the library collection by the Reconsideration Committee, the conflict led to the departure of the Middle School Librarian amid their allegations of a hostile workplace environment and townspeople's allegations of depraved endangerment of student welfare.
Sex is a Funny Word: Handling Local Challenges to Materials and Programs