The Massachusetts Library Association is pleased to bring you an exciting conference full of fun and informative sessions and is thrilled that we are once again able to host this conference in person!

    The worst of the pandemic may be behind most of us, but there is still significant risk for immunocompromised individuals as well as risk to everyone from new virus mutations.

    At this time, vaccination statuses will not be checked at conference and we will not be enforcing a mask mandate. We strongly encourage everyone to wear masks in crowded situations to protect themselves and others.

    We ask that people who do test positive for COVID-19 in the days leading up to the conference refrain from attending the conference until their symptoms have resolved. Those who have recently recovered from COVID-19 should wear a face mask at conference until it has been five (5) days since their illness cleared.

    This policy may be adjusted as needed based on the prevalence of cases in Barnstable County, Massachusetts or if government mandates change. Attendance requirements may change prior to the event and attendees will be notified.

    If you have any questions, please contact

    Let’s keep each other safe while we’re making waves at MLA 2023!